General Counsel

Every business needs legal assistance, and we’re here to help in an unintrusive, cost-effective manner!

Every business, from emerging companies to established small businesses, needs legal assistance.  We are here to work with your company from start to finish, whether it is helping you get up and running, writing effective policies and procedures, drafting or reviewing contracts, leases and documents, or determining IRS filing status. 

We provide cost-effective general counsel services when you need it.  We endeavor to help your businesses chart a course for growth and guide you along the path to success.

Time is money. We prides ourselves with clients’ ease of access to their attorney. We endeavor to respond to clients within one business day to provide our clients with outstanding customer service.  Furthermore, we are easily accessible via email, Skype, FaceTime and other methods of communication that are cost and time effective for each of us.

From business planning, to day-to-day legal needs and consultation, we  provide the following services.

  • Legal Planning for New Business Formation or Expansion (Articles of Incorporation/Organization)
  • Tax Identification and Tax Filing Status Elections
  • By-Laws/Operating Agreements/Partnership Agreements
  • Corporate Minutes and Resolutions
  • Asset Sale/Stock Purchase/Acquisition
  • Business Plans
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Drafting or Revising Policies and Proceduces
  • Drafting or Revising Personnel manuals and Staff Handbooks

In-house general counsel usually are a large legal expense to start-ups and small or medium-sized businesses, that do not usually appear to bring any significant benefit.  Thankfully, our new option allows your small and medium-sized businesses to receive specific services only when you need them and at reasonable prices that fit your budget. 

We know that emerging companies may not have the capital to invest in legal services, despite the fact that addressing legal matters at an early stage is imperative.  Therefore, we provide reasonable contract rates and solution-based pricing that brings legal costs into line and levels the legal playing field for all companies.

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